Twin Toddlers Escape from Their Cribs at Night to Discuss Life and Have a Wrestling Party
Nanny cams have become a necessity in modern homes. Although nothing beats being physically around your children, it certainly helps to know what they’re up to via these cameras. Nanny cam footage can be a treasure trove of internet gems, too, like this video of twin toddlers Andrew and... Read more
Couple coincidentally has 3 sets of twins all with the same birthday
Carrie Kosinski of Racine, Wisconsin and her husband, Craig Kosinski had always wanted a huge family because Carrie herself was adopted and she imagined she would have her own kids and adopt as well. She said: “I grew up in a big family. Growing up, I had always wanted, like, 18 children... Read more
Mom Gives Birth To Twins, Then She Notices They Don’t Look Very Much Alike
When Whitney Meyer saw her baby girls’ faces for the first time, she was in complete and total shock. Then the mom realized the stunning truth about them. Whitney Meyer and her husband, Tomas Dean, could not believe it. The couple was expecting twin girls, though not ones quite... Read more
Newborn Twin Only Has 11 Days To Live, So Parents Snap Emotional Photos To Last A Lifetime
It’s never easy to hear that it’s a matter of time before a loved one is gone. You think to yourself, what do I do with the limited time I have? And no matter what, it doesn’t feel like enough time. But look at it this way: at least you know you have... Read more
Mom Records Her Twins, Catch Them Having A Hilarious ‘Conversation’ With Each Other
Twins have been known to share a “special” connection with each other. They know each other inside and out, and grow up with one another always by their side. It’s hard to find siblings that know each other better than twins! But if you don’t believe in the whole idea that... Read more
Baby boy born with head and arms of his ‘parasitic’ TWIN attached to him in rare medical case
A baby boy in India has been born with the head and arms of his parasitic twin attached to his tiny body. The as-yet-unnamed tot was born naturally, but when he came out he had the extra limbs hanging from his chest down to torso. Although he is fully... Read more
Woman gives birth to twins and names them Donald and Trump
A woman from South Carolina who made headlines when she gave birth to twin boys at Grand Strand Medical Center and named them Donald and Trump says she has no regrets for giving them those names. The proud mum said: “We weren’t planning on naming them after Donald Trump at first, but... Read more
Woman Gives Birth To Twins 18 Years After Marriage.
Congratulations are in order for a woman who received double blessings after many years of sorrow. According to an online user who shared the good news, her neighbor who still feels she’s dreaming -gave birth to a set of twins (her first delivery) after 18 years of marriage. Congrats... Read more
How To Conceive Twins: 10 Tips From A Mom With Twins
There is a wide range of reasons why a couple may want to conceive twins. While twins are double the love and double the cuteness, they are also double the work – take it from a mom who has twins. But being a mother of twins is pretty special.... Read more
The mysterious ‘village of twins’: Remote community in China has 39 pairs of twins
A village in China has hit the spotlight after it was revealed that a high number of its residents are twins.  Read more

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