No one understands why doctor gasps when he delivers twins: then mom witnesses an incredible sight
When my mom discovered she was pregnant with me she went for her routine check and got quite a shock. Mom had been feeling much worse when she was pregnant with me, compared to her previous pregnancy. Read more
Mom simply said ”Go to bed” – but twins’ hilarious comeback caught her off guard
Twins are amazing. They often have such a strong bond that they can communicate without saying anything. And when they do speak, they also sometimes have their own secret language. Read more
These Twin Sisters Say It Was a “Miracle” They Gave Birth to Their Rainbow Babies on the Same Day
When identical twin sisters Bao Kou Julie Yang and Bao Nhia Julia Yang got pregnant earlier this year, they had no idea they’d actually end up giving birth on the same day — their due dates were a few days apart. But as many first-time moms experience, the due date is only... Read more
1 Mom Opened Up About Giving Birth to Twins With Down Syndrome, and It’s Powerful
After Rachael and Cody Prescott made the decision to cancel Cody’s vasectomy and try for a third baby, they had no idea it was a moot point. Read more
Mom gives birth to daughter after 40 hour struggle – then doctor looks between her legs and freezes
Like the majority of couples, Nicole Ziesemer and her husband Matthew wanted their pregnancy to be as natural as possible. Read more
After almost a year, Beyoncé and Jay Z show off their twins (Rumi and Sir) On Stage
Beyoncé and JAY-Z have blessed us with new photos of their twins, Rumi and Sir, while kicking off their joint On the Run II tour in Cardiff, U.K. tonight. Artistic images of the singer and rapper, carrying a child in each arm, appeared on the screen accompanied by the messages, “LOVE... Read more
A Doctor on Twitter revealed a secret that has not being known to many for a while now . He dropped a not widely known disclosure on how women can push up their tendency of having twins. This all happened when one user, @MrBanksOmishore wrote ; I won’t mind... Read more
Parents celebrate formerly conjoined twins after successful surgery
These brave little babies, conjoined twin sisters, Anna Grace and Hope Elizabeth Richards, were successfully separated on Jan. 13 at Texas Children’s Hospital. Paul Vincent Kuntz/Texas Children’s Hospital “We’ve thought about and prayed for this day for almost two years,” the girls’ mom, Jill Richards, said on the day... Read more
Mom goes into labor for 40 hrs—she’s surprised when doctors tell to push again after delivery
This woman planned to give birth at home, but her waters broke early in the 36th week. She went to the hospital, and then went into labor for 40 hours. Just when she thought it was over, the doctors told her to keep on pushing. Read more
Mom told her pregnancy is risky. What they discovered after emergency C-section silenced the room
(Warning: article contains graphic content) In this rare photo showing the MoMo twins and their umbilical cords, one observes how tightly they were braided together—doctors were doubtful that the twins would survive. But these MoMo sisters’ entwined destinies intended for them to endure—against the odds. Read more

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