Twins aren’t always the exact same size—and now, we have a better understanding of why one may be smaller than the other at birth. When we think about twin births, we tend to envision two babies who are the exact same size—a matched set, two peas in a pod, babies... Read more
Parents Decided To Separate Their Conjoined Twins. After The Operation Was Over They Couldn’t Say A Word
The conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon. Doctors still cannot give a simple explanation why it happens. Sometimes the operation isn’t possible, and conjoined twins stay together forever. In some cases, the operation is less dangerous, and twins can enjoy the full life separately. Misty and Curtis Oglesby had... Read more
Its Raining Twins!! George Clooney and wife, Amal welcome twins
It appears to be raining twins this quarter of the year as actor, George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin have joined a celebrities such as Chris Webber in welcoming twins. The couple were blessed with a boy and a girl, according to a witty statement they issued through their spokesman,... Read more
Adorable photos of infant twins embracing while sleeping go viral
The twin babies were left by the mother, lying side by side (left) but by the time she returned, they were lying in each other’s arms (right) The photo quickly went viral with a lot of people thinking it’s really adorable while other people had a few problems with... Read more
Against All Odds, This Mother Gives Birth To 3 Sets Of Twins!
They always say two is better than one, right? Well, Colin and Karen Roger can attest to that! Sixteen years ago, the Scotland couple welcomed a beautiful set of twin boys into their lives. But their incredible and miraculous journey didn’t stop there… Overjoyed, and only two years later,... Read more
She Put Her Twins Baby In The Sink. Their Reaction? Hilarious
Uncontrolled levels of laughter can be infectious and it’s the absolute cure for anyone’s weekday blues: and that’s what these adorable laughing babies offer! I find a baby’s giggles to be so adorable and incomparable since they never lack cuteness. Imagine a sight of a baby who has been... Read more
In this heartwarming video, premature twins Kristian and Kristiana hold hands against their father’s chest, despite being born at just 29 weeks. Anthea Jackson-Rushford from Victoria, Australia, went into labour earlier this month; and posted the video on Facebook to give hope to other parents who have premature babies. Mrs Jackson-Rushford posted... Read more
Matt and Jodi Parry were thrilled to learn they were pregnant with identical twin girls. Equally excited was their son, who was about to become a big brother times two. Abigail and Isobel were born prematurely in June 2011. A few weeks later, the parents from Lancaster, U.K., received news... Read more
Watch: Rare Video Shows Twins Fighting For Space Inside The Womb
Most of us can relate to our children fighting to grab the best spot on the bed or even on the couch. We also fight with our siblings too when we were young just to get the best space in the house which we called our territory. While many of us... Read more
Parents Make Surprising Discovery About Their Newborn Twins (Photos)
A mother recently gave birth to twin girls that turned out to be one-in-a-million – with one being born black and the other born white. Thanks to a rare genetic quirk, 24-year-old Curtis Martin and 28-year-old Rebecca Horton’s twin girls, Kendall and Baylee, each inherited one parent’s genes. Kendall... Read more

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