80-yr-old man welcomes twins with one of his wives, Memunat
80-yr-old Alaafin of Oyo is the latest dad in town, as he reportedly welcomed a set of twins with one of his young wives, Memunat. Read more
Man to spend 15 years in jail for catching his wife cheating
Sean Donis will be spending 15 years in jail after he has been convicted of burgling and assault. He actually caught his wife cheating with her boss. Read more
2 yrs after wife lost cancer battle, husband remarries—then, one day, he got a mysterious call
Two years after Brenda Schmitz passed away, a local radio station receives an anonymous letter and quickly calls the late lady’s husband to go to their station. The unexpected letter moves him and many others to tears. Read more
Man with genetic eye defect sees wife & son for first time—says ‘3 words’ making everyone cry
Gene suffers from a degenerative eye condition and has never seen his wife and son. Then, electronic glasses did the trick and changed Gene’s life forever. Read more
Wife annoyed at husband’s late work hours, but when she overhears what daughter says—’it hit me’
When was the last time you sat down for a meal and thought about where the food you are eating came from? Or how long it would’ve taken a farmer to labor in the fields and the potential sacrifices they made to cultivate the produce, to make a living... Read more
Husband hires hitmen to get wife murdered. He’s petrified when ‘someone’ shows up at funeral
he husband of this African-born Australian woman thought she had been murdered, for he had planned it! Little did he expect she would give him the shock of a lifetime by showing up (alive and well) at her own funeral! Read more

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