Can Babies See In The Womb? It’s Awfully Dark In There
With each of my babies, I’ve had moments of spontaneously shrieking to my husband things like, “Can you believe he has fingernails already?” Fetal development is just fascinating, and perhaps there’s no more intriguing development than that of the five senses. Take sight, for example. You know your baby... Read more
Will This Artificial Womb Be Used for Human Babies?
Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are testing technology to “grow” babies inside an artificial womb. Will this mimicked womb be a staple in neonatal care units 10 years from now? Read more
A Video Showing 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes Is Just Breathtaking!
Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle. The 4-minute video below shows how a baby develops in its mother’s womb, from the moment of conception until it sees the world.  This video is an accurate video presentation... Read more
Medications To Avoid When Pregnant
About one out of every 33 babies is born with birth defects each year; about 2% to 3% of those are believed to be from drug exposure. A lot of medications, both prescription and over the counter, are safe to use when pregnant. However, there are a few medications to... Read more
Truly Amazing Facts About Babies In The Womb
Learn some truly amazing facts that they undergo from conception to birth. Read more

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