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Couple subjects their twin infants to hunger for four days,while on a drinking binge.

The 23 year old Russian mother, Margarita and her partner, 35 year old Aleksey from Vilyuchinsk left their babies without supervision and went partying despite their babies’ need for constant care and attention.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the couple had lied to their friends that their babies were down with the corona virus, and were receiving treatment at the hospital, while they partieded for four days straight.

The grandmother of the babies, concerned about not been in touch with the couple for days, travelled for a visit irrespectve of the ongoing lockdown. On meeting the babies ‘’gravely emaciated’’ and the little boy in coma, she rushed them to the hospital and unfortunately, the little boy died of starvation and his twin sister struggling in the ICU of a hospital in Kamchatka region.

Starve these people gosh this stuff makes me so sick!!! Why have them if you can’t care for them properly RIP sweet boy!! Prayer for his brother to recover how sad they don’t have eachother anymore

Posted by Rebecca Loftin on Tuesday, 3 March 2020

The negligent couple faces charges of not ful-lling their parental duties and a possible 20 year sentence if convicted of murder of the twin boy.

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