Baby survives abortion, mother holds him until he dies

At 21 weeks of pregnancy, British specialists informed Sofia Khan that her preborn child had been determined to have spina bifida. Spina bifida can cause physical incapacities, yet present day medication has fundamentally improved treatment after birth and in utero. Clinical experts report that, with present day treatment, almost every kid with spina bifida can have a profitable life and even a degree of autonomy thought incomprehensible years prior.

The well known photograph below was taken during a fetal medical procedure on Baby Samuel Armas, who had additionally been determined to have spina bifida. Little Samuel was 21 weeks old at that point — a similar age as Sofia Khan’s child.

abortion, spina bifida

Be that as it may, Mrs. Khan and her significant other chose to prematurely end their child. Specialists introduced premature birth as a legitimate alternative, and the couple proceeded.

Mrs. Khan went to two different hospitals for separate parts of the abortion procedure. The Bolton News reports:

Mrs Khan went to St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester for a procedure to end the baby’s life. This involved a chemical being injected into the umbilical cord and was done on February 16 by Dr Philip Bullen. …

Dr Bullen said he had listened for a heartbeat, but could not hear one before he sent Mrs Khan to Royal Bolton Hospital where labour was induced.

The doctor and midwives committing the abortion expected the night to end with a stillbirth.

While many abortionists inject the chemical into the child’s heart, some inject into the child’s head, and some — like Dr. Philip Bullen — inject into the umbilical cord.

Mrs. Khan told a midwife at the second hospital that she felt her baby move. In the wee hours of the morning, on February 17, 2018, Mrs. Khan’s son was born — alive and crying.

She named him Mohammed Rehman Ahmed and held him until he died from his extreme prematurity, caused by the attempted abortion.

Sadly, Dr. Bullen’s solution after hearing of the death of Baby Mohammed was not to stop committing these violent killings. Instead, he informed the assistant coroner that “new guidance has now been drawn up following Mohammed’s death which includes listening for a heartbeat for longer.” In the future, this will enable him to determine if another injection is needed to make certain that the baby dies inside his mother’s womb.

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