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Toddler celebrates his last chemo with parade and balloons

Every 4-year old will want to live like others and have fun but not many of us get what we wish for.

For two years, martin has been fighting cancer which means he had to endure frequent hospital visits and painful treatment procedures.

The novel Corona virus outbreak and subsequent lockdown other made the entire process more difficult but he was determined to fight it and win.

The family of five decorated their car with balloons and posters with the words Today is my last chemo” and “I beat cancer” and drove around Villa Gesell in the Buenos Aires Province.

His story went viral on social media and many people celebrated with them as not many people win fight against cancer.

Martin can be seen standing on the roof of his fathers car decorated with ballons waving and the family celebrates him

Let us celebrate baby Martin and pray for many others who are still in the fight!

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