The Benefits of Baby Massage
The art of baby massage has been practised around the world for thousands of years. While the benefits of baby or infant massage were intuitively known, recent research has now confirmed what many parents knew all along – that baby massage is indeed good for both parent and child.... Read more
When your babies miss their milestones
Babies grow at different rates. They’re all wonderful little creatures who do things in their own time. Some parents take a lot of joy from encouraging their wee ones to learn new skills and are filled with pride when their offspring are ahead of their peers in their development.... Read more
These 20 pictures will push your cringe threshold to the limit. Wait until you see what THAT is.
Children are gifts from heaven. However, every parent knows that some situations require deep breathing and patience. Often it seems like you cannot take your eyes off your kid for one second without mess and chaos breaking loose. Many of us were once mini-menaces, driving our parents to the... Read more
Photos: Married couple who have been childless for 10 years welcome quintuplets in Cross River State, Nigeria.
A Nigerian couple welcomed quintuplets after ten years of childless marriage, at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, on Monday January 9th, the first ever in the history of the state. Recounting the experience, father of the babies, Dr Edet said:   “God is never late. I have waited... Read more
6 Bizarre But Practical Parenting Tips That Americans Find Crazy
The dichotomy of culture varies from country to country. Where parents cannot provide proper attention to their own kids, they hire a nanny etc., whereas, in some countries where the bedtime is being altered so as to provide nourishment to their kids’ well-being and mental health, too. Here’re some... Read more
Woman Gives Birth to 4 Babies in 11 Months!!!! The Story Will Amaze You
Like so many mothers out there, Becky John thought it would be wonderful to give her firstborn child a sibling.  She loved the idea of having two children who were close in age too—but she ended up getting a bit more than she likely bargained for when she got pregnant... Read more
6 Baby Sleeping Mistakes Which You Should Avoid
It isn’t easy to get your toddler to sleep and no doubt, it costs you so many sleepless nights. But, experts say that parents might themselves be the reason why the kid is unable to sleep. I know, I know, you have TRIED and TESTED everything and have NO... Read more
7 Powerful Photos Of Newborn Baby With Placenta
Baby’s birth is hundred times more painful than what we all have ever heard. After being there in mother’s womb for a long period of 9-months, a baby pops out. But, very few know that after delivering a baby, placenta that keeps the fetus connected with his mother and... Read more
These Ridiculously Adorable Babies Will Make You Smile Until Your Cheeks Hurt
You’d probably much rather be doing this right now. @yandysmith / Via So here are a bunch of ridiculously cute kids to wake you up and get you through the rest of this week. / Via Like this baby whose face is literally our mood Monday... Read more
21 Babies Born With The Fullest Heads Of Hair You’ve Ever Seen
Babies come into the world with an undeniable cute factor from the get go. So other than big eyes, clumsiness, and knack for making us laugh, what could make them any more adorable? Easy, a full head of hair! These little ones were born with something that sets them apart... Read more

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