Terrifying moment hospital ICU with 23 newborns catches fire
An intensive care unit in India with 23 newborns caught fire in the dead of the night.  Read more
After almost a year, Beyoncé and Jay Z show off their twins (Rumi and Sir) On Stage
Beyoncé and JAY-Z have blessed us with new photos of their twins, Rumi and Sir, while kicking off their joint On the Run II tour in Cardiff, U.K. tonight. Artistic images of the singer and rapper, carrying a child in each arm, appeared on the screen accompanied by the messages, “LOVE... Read more
Parents celebrate formerly conjoined twins after successful surgery
These brave little babies, conjoined twin sisters, Anna Grace and Hope Elizabeth Richards, were successfully separated on Jan. 13 at Texas Children’s Hospital. Paul Vincent Kuntz/Texas Children’s Hospital “We’ve thought about and prayed for this day for almost two years,” the girls’ mom, Jill Richards, said on the day... Read more
An Indian mother gave birth to one in a million conjoined twins but unfortunately, lost them minutes after birth. Shabana Bano, 34, welcomed the twins-both girls, through caesarean section at Siddhi Vinayak Hospital in Uttar Pradesh in northern India on Saturday morning. But unfortunately, while one child was stillborn, the other died barely ten minutes after coming... Read more
Mom told her pregnancy is risky. What they discovered after emergency C-section silenced the room
(Warning: article contains graphic content) In this rare photo showing the MoMo twins and their umbilical cords, one observes how tightly they were braided together—doctors were doubtful that the twins would survive. But these MoMo sisters’ entwined destinies intended for them to endure—against the odds. Read more
11 Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Twins
Double the cuddles. Double the cuteness. And double the fascinating facts behind our twins. These, mums and dads, know the truths about multiples that we were never taught in our biology classes. Twin Trivia We all know that raising multiples can be extra exhausting (and extra rewarding), but here are ten... Read more
6 Signs You’re Giving Your Baby Solids Too Soon
A lot of questions surround starting solids with your baby, but the major worry among most parents is whether or not they’re starting solids earlier than they should. Lots of kids aren’t psyched about food at first; does that mean they’re not ready or just that they need practice?... Read more
Mom transforms six babies into tiny Disney princesses for one-of-a-kind photo shoot
Photographer and mom of three Karen Marie is now a real-life Fairy Godmother after she transformed six adorable babies into tiny Disney princesses earlier this month. “The amazing tales of love and heroism in Disney movies have always been an inspiration to me,” Marie tells Babble of her motivation... Read more
25 million views on this cute video of Kiwi twins laughing – it’ll make your day
An adorable video of one-year-old twins who can’t stop laughing as they wobble on a fitness machine has been viewed more than 25 million times. The mother of the Timaru twins, Kelly Thomas, said the video was posted on Facebook about 11am on Tuesday and within 24 hours had... Read more
How Long Can A Breastfed Baby Go Without Pooping? Here’s When To Expect A Diaper Change
I never gave much thought to any other creature’s poop — until I had my daughter. Suddenly I was logging newborn diapers in an infant feeding diary, including detailed notes on their color and consistency. (Yes, I’ve considered keeping the log, and presenting it to her at her wedding,... Read more

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