Jenna Jameson Shares Snaps Of Her Baby’s First Photo Shoot! The Pics Are Too Adorable
She’s already a modeling natural! Jenna Jameson‘s 2-week-old daughter Batel Lu spent her first professional photo shoot sound asleep, as seen in sweet snapshots exclusively shared with PEOPLE. In the gorgeous photos, baby Batel — who was snapped by Riley Cooper Photography — wears only a fuzzy white diaper and simple bow headband.... Read more
New Study Finds Babies Born Through IVF More Likely To Develop Cancerous Cells
MILLIONS of women around the world are turning to IVF to fall pregnant, but a new study has found these “test tube” babies are more likely to develop cancer later in life. From 1991 until 2013, researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev examined 242,187 newborn babies until... Read more
These 15 Baby Accessories Can Cause Serious Injuries To Babies
Sure we know baby accessories are made for  comfort, support and beautification but like were about to find out some of these innocent gears and apparels can be dangerous in certain situations. 15 Sleep Positioners These are most commonly used to keep a baby from rolling over onto his... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This 34 Year Old Mother Said After Her First C-Section
There are numerous reasons why a woman may choose to have a cesarean section, some which may include Having an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible. The baby has a known malformation or abnormality that would make a vaginal birth... Read more
Unusually Hot or Cold Weather Could Affect Babies’ Weight
Unusually hot or cold weather may affect the birth weight of babies, a new study suggests. Researchers found that women who experienced unusually hot or cold weather during pregnancy were at increased risk for having babies with a low birth weight, even when the baby was not born prematurely.... Read more
18 Cool Things for Kids That Will Make The Life Of Any Parent A Lot Easier
Having children is fun and difficult at the same time. Some of the many parents out there are designers and inventors, and this can lead to the appearance of some truly wonderful gadgets that our parents and grandparents could never have dreamed of. Here are selection of some of the coolest things that are guaranteed to make the... Read more
Singing to babies boosts their attention, creates better mother-child bond
Mothers singing to babies is an old practice across cultures and traditions. Now an American research finds it is actually an important way to stimulate children and help create better bonds between them and mothers. Shannon de l’Etoile, professor of music therapy and associate dean of Graduate Studies at... Read more
When your baby coughs and sneezes
Young children are susceptible to colds as their immune system is still immature Everyone gets a few colds or bouts of flu in their lifetime, sometimes every year. Still, some parents may feel anxious when their child gets the sniffles. Are colds caused by wet hair or cold climate?... Read more
10 Things That Will Definitely Happen When You’re Holding A Sleeping Baby
Forget code cracking and cutting eyeholes in newspapers. If the government wants to find out who would make a good spy, they should give them a sleeping baby to transfer to a moses basket. That’s how you can tell who has acrobatic skills, stealth moves and the ability to... Read more
Even Babies Can Show Signs of Depression and Anxiety
Depression and anxiety doesn’t just develop in adults, scientists say children can show signs of mental illness as early as newborns. According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, brain patterns in newborns can predict mental illness symptoms like... Read more

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