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Baby thinks her name is “Alexa” after parents use it alot

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I video has surfaced online where a baby obviously ignores her own name and react to Alexa as her name because her mom Charlotte Moultrie, 28, always use the Amazon Echo Dot device.

Charlotte said they bought the device when her 11 months old baby was just 5 months and has been using it since then.

In the video you can hear Charlotte ask, “Emily? Emily..?” without any response from her child. Only when she says “Alexa?” does the little girl respond. “No, your name’s Emily, not Alexa!” She continued, “Oh my god, what am I going to do?”

“Every time you shout her name, she ignores you and then I say Alexa and she looks at me. I was so worried she thought her name was Alexa when it first happened!” mom said in an interview with story tender.

“She does it all the time now; if she’s playing in her room or crawling away we can’t get her attention unless we shout Alexa,” she continued. “I’ve had to turn my notifications off because it’s constantly going.”

She hopes her baby will not adopt Alexa as her name but rather Emily that is her name.

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