Baby Kellen and Kayden Keller From Alexandria Louisiana


My beautiful identical twins are named Kellen and Kayden Keller! They will be 6 years old this Friday September 23! Our home town is Alexandria Louisiana But we relocated to Houston Tx to raise our babies! Kayden was born first by C-section by one minute Kellen was born with the unbiblical card wrapped so tite around his neck he was purple! But both of them made it into this world healthy! From birth to about 4 mouths old they suffered with colic those few months was so scary for me and mean while I was suffering from a severe case of post partum depression I felt like the most unworthy mother ever.. i lost a lot of friendships and family support due to both! But with the help of my amazing husband and God we pulled through and are so blessed each and everyday we are together ❤  P.S. I have many more pictures if needed

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