Baby Devin Jones


Hi my name is Tequilla Jones. My son Devin is now 5yrs old. Devin was born 2 months premature. He spent several weeks in the NICU. During that time we found out Devin was diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease. This disease is a blood disorder which requires close over sight by a Hematologist. On top of that he also had a few birth defects that required surgical intervention. My baby boy is extremely special, because despite all of the obstacles he has had to face in life in and out of doctors since he was a month old. He is one of the happiest most fun loving kids you could ever come in contact with. He is full of life, love, and happiness. Nothing gets him down. He’s my strong little fighter, and he is doing extremely well. Just look at that smile it contagious! No matter how bad of a day I may be having he can bring out the best in me or anyone else! Thank you.

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