Baby Taylor Smith

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Hello My name is Felicia Hughes, the mother of a beautiful baby girl Taylor Smith who was born on May 23,2013 5 pounds 16 oz.When taylor was born everyone kept saying why she so small and light. Taylor was born with jaundice so it took a while for her color to come in. As a first time mother that brought a lot of stress to me. As time went by Taylor gain her color and mommy was stress free. After i thought i was done with stressing Taylor first doctor appointment her doctor stated her head was too small for her weight. 2 months went by the doctor and I monitor her head far as checking the height weekly and he stated she was still not growing according to the growth chart. I cried and prayed. It came down to the point where they wanted to do a cat scan on her head. I said no at first and wanted to get a second opinion. Second opinion stated I should do it. The doctor pre diagnosed her with microcephaly. I cried and prayed that Nooooooo my baby is completely fine. I measure her head every day and night day until the cat scan appointment. The day of the appointment i cried and prayed everything will be fine.  She had to be given anesthesia because of her age which she was 3 months at the time, and they didn’t want her to move so they can read the results accurately. I couldn’t stay in the room while they perform the cat scan. All i could think about waiting in the halfway alone was my poor baby god please protect and watch over her through this test. Taylor was taking into the recovery room when she woke up she was so happy to see me with that big smile on her face that she always have. The results was in two days later and the test came back Negative. I cried and yelled to Jesus thank you so much, Taylor primary doctor was notified he yelled through the phone and was so happy for us. As a first time mother I’m still learning and experiencing so much as this journey goes on. I make mistakes and learning from them daily. I continue to thank god and pray for this wonderful blessing he has given me. My daughter is 3 and a healthy beautiful, smart, funny, caring, baby. I couldn’t ask for a better gift,. Thank you all for reading, Love Taylor Mother.

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