Baby Oscar Knight From England

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My nephew’s name is Oscar Knight, and he is simply a breath of fresh air to our whole family.

Oscar lives in the UK, and he is born to a Zimbabwean mom and a British dad. I live in America, and lately there has been a lot of gun-violence involving the police shooting down innocent black men. This has sparked a lot of controversy in the subject of racism, but one look into my little nephew’s eyes stands to show that love defies all.  Love sees no color, and my nephew showers us with hugs, without caring whether he is hugging his black uncle or his white auntie. If he can love everybody unconditionally, then so can we, and this is what Oscar has taught us all. The little man is a 2 year old going on 3, and everyone who meets him loves him. We are hoping that Babies Are Beautiful will love him too!

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