5 Ways This Athlete’s Disability Insurance Kept Life Normal

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One of the cheeriest and most energetic people you’ll ever meet is Scott Rider. He loves to bike, participates in local activities, and loves nothing more than to spend time with his family.

Additionally, he needed help tying his shoes.

At the age of 47, this Olympian-caliber runner, athlete, businessman, spouse, and parent was given a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. In the years since he was given this horrible diagnosis, so much has changed in his life. But his financial status has remained the same. He credits disability insurance for this success. Click here to view his story in its entirety.

Disability insurance, you see, is designed to assist you if you are hurt or ill and are unable to work. Until you can find work again, it will replace a portion of your income. Because Scott will never be able to return to the career he loved, the payments will be made for the rest of his working life.

Many people do not think about getting this important but occasionally disregarded insurance. Since it allows him to live his life to the fullest, disability insurance is a topic Scott strongly supports.

He had the following to say about his reporting:

  • Disability insurance allowed me to protect my most valuable asset, which wasn’t a house, car, or cash but rather my ability to earn a living.
  • Even after I was forced to make cuts and eventually stopped working, the expenses kept coming in. Payments from my disability insurance came in to help me take care of those obligations.
  • We had a consistent income, so my wife didn’t have to go back to work after being a stay-at-home mother.
  • We are still living in the perfect home, and the wedding of our daughter was made possible by my disability insurance.
  • My wife and I now have a good future because my illness did not need us to use any of our retirement funds.

Parkinson’s disease dramatically disrupts life, but disability insurance helps it return to a state as close to normal as feasible. I’m incredibly grateful that my income supports my family and keeps coming in. If I didn’t have disability insurance, it would appear very differently, Scott continues.

If you depend on your income from a job, you should think about getting disability insurance.

Find out what coverage you could have through your job by checking with your benefits administrator, and then discuss the merits of purchasing an additional individual disability policy with an insurance agent. With a combination of the two, Scott was able to maintain his family’s way of life, in his opinion.

During Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in May, we celebrate AAPI voices and experiences and highlight how they are woven into the fabric of our nation and its accomplishments. Life Happens salutes Steven and Ngoc Anh Tang for realizing that America held out the possibility of a better future for them. They left Vietnam so that Jimmy and Nancy, their kids, might have happier lives.

First to arrive, Steven started stocking shelves at a neighboring grocery store. From there, he managed to secure job in the glass-blowing sector and amass enough cash to bring his wife and kids to the United States.

As the couple made their home here, they came to understand that securing their children’s futures required more than just working hard now. They therefore met with Annie Vu, their insurance agent, to purchase life insurance. No matter what, they wanted to make sure that their kids were always taken care of.

Sadly, Ngoc Anh was injured in a car accident while the kids were teenagers and later passed away from a stroke brought on by her injuries. Only three years later, Steven passed away from liver cancer.

It succeeded in achieving its goal.

Despite the fact that Jimmy and Nancy were grieved by the loss of their parents, they were not concerned about money. The life insurance did precisely what it was designed to do: it gave them future financial security.

Jimmy was able to buy a house close to the college Nancy attended, enabling him to be there to help her while she was away. These items are made possible by life insurance.

Getting it does not suggest that “I’m going to die,” as Jimmy explains, “since you never know when something horrible will happen.” Instead, you buy it to ensure that, in the event of your passing, your loved ones would be comfortable and not have to worry about money.

The future of Steven and Ngoc Anh’s children appears bright because they were left a legacy of financial comfort that allowed them to pursue their own American goals. By going here, you may view their story and discover more about your own life insurance needs.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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