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Teegan Barnard, 17, died a few weeks after suffering a cardiac arrest while giving birth.

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Teegan Barnard, from Havant in Hampshire, was admitted to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester in September 2019 during her third trimester of pregnancy.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Parker before experiencing a postpartum haemorrhage bleed in the delivery room that resulted in a major cardiac arrest.

Abbie Hallawell (Parkers grandmother) and Parker’s father will raise her son, and Abbie vows to do whatever she can to ensure that her grandson knows how much his mother loved him.

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“She was so excited — she would have been the best mummy in the world,” Abbie said, according to The Sun.

“She had so much love for him and didn’t even get to show him. . . I’d do anything to have her back — I miss her more than anything in the world. We were more like best friends than mother and daughter.”

Doctors and midwives at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester did all they could to save her, including CPR, but due to oxygen deprivation, the first-time mother was left with permanent brain damage.

The new mother was admitted to the hospital on September 26 and died on October 7 at home.

Her death was caused by pneumonia, cerebral hypoxia, and cardiac arrest following postpartum haemorrhage, according to a post-mortem report provided to the inquest.

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Teegan’s mother, Abbie Hallawell, told The Sun newspaper following her daughter’s death: “She would have made the greatest mother on the planet.

“She adored Parker and never got the chance to say it.

“More than anything else in the world, I miss her. Rather than being mother and daughter, we were more like best friends.”

On May 27, a full inquest into her death will be held in Crawley.

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