Formula Closest to Breast Milk

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There are various reasons a mother would decide to give her infant formula milk rather than breastfeeding instead.

Breast milk is without a doubt the best, but if a woman is unable to breastfeed, formula is a near substitute. In order to guarantee that your baby receives all the vital nutrients and vitamins that they would receive from the breast, choose a formula that is as similar to breastmilk as possible.

There are a few infant formulae that come quite close to breastmilk and help give kids a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that they would get from the breast, despite the fact that producing breastmilk is a difficult, some would even say impossible, effort.

The selection of a formula for your infant can be very overwhelming given the variety of formulas available and the variety of ingredients you must consider.

Below is a tutorial on how to select a baby formula that is most similar to breastfeeding, as well as some of the best formula options now available that are the second-best choice after breastmilk.

Why Is Baby Formula Comparable to Breastmilk?

You would need to know exactly what ingredients to look for in infant formula before choosing it in order to determine what would make it comparable to breastmilk.

Breastmilk is highly rich in numerous different minerals, vitamins, necessary proteins, and other substances. Millions of living cells, including stem cells and immune-supporting white blood cells, are even included.

It is evident that this cannot be replicated exactly in a formula, but by duplicating as many of the important components as feasible, formula can be made to resemble breastmilk as closely as possible.

Each of the following components is necessary for a baby’s growth, development, and general health. If you are unable to breastfeed or would rather not, a formula with the appropriate amount of the following will be an excellent alternative. Although the nutrient contents of most baby formulae are comparable, the brands that have the following advantageous elements are a better choice:


Arachidonic acid (ARA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are two components that are naturally present in breastmilk. They are important fatty acids for the growth of the eyes and brain.

The safety of DHA and ARA used in infant formula is a topic of some controversy. Some producers derive the two fatty acids from hexane, which some people think is unsafe for infants. Hexane has not been proven to be detrimental in tests, although some formula producers choose to acquire these necessary fatty acids from an organic source just to be safe.

Whatever the source of DHA and ARA, a formula must include these two fatty acids.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Good bacteria known as probiotics and prebiotics are naturally present in breastmilk. The probiotics in the formula serve to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in a baby’s digestive system and prevent the formation of harmful bacteria that could lead to illness and inflammation.

It is important to look for a formula that contains at least one prebiotic and one or more probiotics because prebiotics aid in the growth of probiotics.

Choline, Taurine and Lutein

The nutrients choline, taurine, and lutein are crucial for the healthy growth of nerve cells, the brain, and the eyes.

Some formulae include these artificial nutrients to support the development of these areas.


It is necessary to sweeten formula with lactose or a plant-based sweetener since sweeteners in formula serve as the main source of carbs.

Due to the high cost of adding lactose to infant formula, several formulas now contain plant-based sweeteners made from corn, rice, or potatoes. Some people additionally employ glucose syrup or rice syrup.

You should be cautious about the sweetener used in a formula because some of them may cause obesity and other health issues. These sweeteners will never completely match the sweetness of breastmilk because breastmilk is naturally sweet.


Since iron is a mineral that is crucial for a baby’s growth and development, formula must contain iron to make up for any deficiencies that may occur from breastmilk.


The fundamental components of DNA, nucleotides, are naturally present in breastmilk. Baby formula can be supplemented with nucleotides to encourage sound development.

How Similar Can Formula Be to Breastmilk?

Liquid gold is a fitting nickname for breast milk. Breastmilk contains a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting elements that are essential for your baby’s growth, development, and continued health.

While many of these can be replaced in formula by artificial or natural ingredients, breastmilk is a living substance that contains live cells, including stem cells that support a baby’s immune system and development.

Additionally, breastmilk adjusts to your baby’s demands. Amazingly, your body will develop antibodies to deliver through your breast milk to help your baby fight off this infection if your baby’s saliva on your breast shows signals that they are at risk of infection.

Formula cannot adjust and change with your baby’s requirements the way breastmilk does. However, formula does come close to giving your kid the vitamins and nutrients they require. You should still be selective about the formula you buy, though, to make sure it has as many components and advantages of breastfeeding as possible.

The Different Types of Baby Formula

It’s one thing to choose a formula based on the ingredients, but you also need to think about the kind of formula you’ll be utilizing.

Other babies respond better to certain formulas than others, and some babies may have an allergy to one of the ingredients and need to try a different kind.

The various kinds of baby formula that are available are as follows:

Milk-Based Infant Formulas

Infant formulas based on milk are the most popular and typically more economical than other types of formula.

This sort of formula, which is based on cow’s milk, provides babies with wholesome nutrition. The use of cow’s milk alone should not be started until your kid is a year old, even though formula made with cow’s milk is safe for infants.

In order to make cow’s milk easier for infants to digest and to more closely resemble breastmilk, additional minerals and vitamins are added. For a baby with a sensitive stomach, a milk-based formula with a lower lactose content may be the best choice.

Soy-Based Formula

For infants who struggle to absorb lactose or have a dairy allergy, soy-based formula is an option. The soy protein included in the plant-based formula is often treated to make it simple to digest.

Babies who are born underweight shouldn’t use soy-based formulas since they might not help them gain weight quickly enough.

Hypoallergenic Formula

Babies who have digestive issues or who are allergic to soy or cow’s milk should use hypoallergenic formulas. To make them acceptable for babies and easy to digest, the proteins in hypoallergenic formulae are disassembled into their simplest forms.

The drawback is that hypoallergenic formulas are frequently the most expensive; therefore, you should consult your doctor before introducing one to your child.

Organic Formula

Organic formulations have been produced as a result of the demand for organic goods. These formulas don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, and if they contain cow’s milk, that milk came from cows that weren’t given hormone or antibiotic treatments or pesticide-free food.

Just be certain that the organic formula you choose has been certified organic and includes all the nutrients, vitamins, and other elements necessary for your baby’s growth.

Specialized and Enhanced Formulas

There are some specialized and improved formulas available that include ingredients that help them be tailored to particular needs. A baby might require more of a specific ingredient, which can be provided by an improved formula. The right ingredients are used in these formulas, which target specific developments.

Babies with specific dietary requirements who are unable to tolerate other formulas are catered to by specialized formulas. They are appropriate for infants with sensitive tummies or those who are allergic to things easily.

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Baby Formulas That Are Similar Breastmilk

Each formula adheres to the fundamental recommendations for what it should contain to provide newborns what they need while also containing a distinctive blend of healthy nutrients and vitamins. The finest formulas that are most similar to breastmilk are listed here. In order to ensure that your baby does not miss out, each caters to somewhat different demands while still being packed with the vital nutrients and vitamins present in breastmilk.

Enfamil Enspire – The Closest To Breastmilk

The infant formula Enfamil Enspire is thought to be the most similar to breast milk. It was created specifically to be as identical to breastmilk as possible, and it succeeds in doing so. This formula is frequently used by breastfeeding mothers, and most breastfed newborns adapt to it successfully because of how much it resembles breastmilk.

Made With MFGM and Lactoferrin

One of the first formulae to include both MFGM and Lactoferrin was Enfamil. Breast milk naturally contains these two components. MFGM is a fat-and-protein combination that supports brain growth. It is thought to aid in closing the cognitive difference between breastfed and formula-fed infants. Breastmilk contains large amounts of lactoferrin, a substance that aids in immune system development. Lactoferrin gives Enfamil Enspire its striking resemblance to breastmilk.


You can be certain that the ingredients used in Enfamil Enspire are safe for your baby because they are created using non-GMO goods. The recipe doesn’t contain any unidentified hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics. Image of the Enfamil Enspire product

Contains Probiotics for Gut Health and Immunity

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Baby probiotics in the formula, which are part of a special blend, support digestive and immunological health.

Fortified With the Essentials

To give infants the necessary vitamins and minerals they require, it is supplemented with iron and vitamins D, C, and E. Beyond these necessities, Enspire also includes DHA, one of the necessary fatty acids found in breastmilk and crucial for the growth of the eyes and brain.

Not Suitable For Sensitive Stomachs

Due to the formula’s base of cow’s milk, it is not recommended for infants who have lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. For infants who are lactose intolerant, there is the Enfamil Gentlease formula.

The Closest Thing to Breast Milk

When formula feeding your infant, Enfamil Enspire is probably the closest thing to breastmilk you can find. It has the critical vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are absent from many other formulas that are present in breastmilk. The most recent Enfamil Enspire price can be seen here.

Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula – Enhanced Formula

The improved formula Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula contains 2′-FL HMO, or human milk oligosaccharide, which is crucial for immunological support and immune system development. This, together with additional vitamins and nutrients, make Similac Pro-Advance more breastmilk-like and are known to benefit newborns who are prone to spitting up. The formula is appropriate for breastfed infants who require extra vitamins. For a list of comparable products online, click this link.

Improved Immune Support

2’-FL Breastmilk contains human milk oligosaccharide, a prebiotic that supports the immune system. In the gut, where the majority of the immune system is developed, it helps to feed the good bacteria. DHA and lutein, two essential elements that are naturally present in breastfeeding, are part of the proprietary blend. These support not just the development of the immune system but also the health of the eyes, the developing brain, and the growth of new cells.

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The dairy used in the Similac Pro-Advance formula is non-GMO and comes from cows that have not received artificial growth hormone therapy. There are no undeclared hormones or ingredients in the formula, so parents may relax.

Suited For Breastfed Babies

While Similac Pro-Advance is an excellent option for formula-fed babies, it is also appropriate for use by breastfed newborns. Breastfed newborns typically respond favorably to this formula, which is often necessary for breastfeeding mothers to supplement their milk production. Additionally, the formula contains all the components required to make sure your baby does not suffer unduly from not receiving breastmilk.

Reduced Gas

Because Similac Pro-Advance has assisted in lowering gas and fussiness in their babies, many parents have suggested it. This is an excellent option if your baby experiences frequent gas and spit-ups but is still able to consume cow’s milk-based formula, as they will still receive many of the advantages of breastfeeding. For the most recent Similac Pro-Advance pricing, click here.

Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder

Consider Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder if you want to give your baby a formula that is more organic but don’t want to sacrifice the vitamins and nutrients that make the formula as similar to breastmilk as possible.

Non-GMO Ingredients

The Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder is non-GMO and created exclusively from organic materials since it is organic. You may be confident there are no unidentified dangerous ingredients because it is non-GMO certified.

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DHA and ARA Formula

The fatty acids DHA and ARA, which are naturally present in breastmilk and support healthy brain and eye development, have been added to the infant formula. These vital nutrients won’t be lost when your baby switches from breastfeeding to Earth’s Best formula.

These days, many formulas are sweetened with corn syrup or other plant-based components, which raises the risk of obesity and other health issues. More lactose sweetener and less corn syrup are found in Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder, making it a superior source of carbs.

Less Corn Syrup

The use of corn syrup or other plant-based sweeteners in many formulae today raises the risk of obesity and other health issues. With more lactose sweetener and less corn syrup, Earth’s Best Organic Dairy infant powder offers a fantastic source of carbs.

Similar Taste To Breastmilk

When switching your infant from breast to bottle, one of the most important things to consider is if the formula tastes like breastmilk. Because Earth’s Best Organic formula tastes and smells like breastmilk, your baby will adjust to it much more easily. Check out the most recent Earth’s Best Organic Formula prices here.

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula – Sweetened Only With Organic Lactose

Giving their kid formula sweetened with plant-based components is something many parents are reluctant to do. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula is only sweetened with non-GMO lactose, avoiding plant-based sweeteners, including corn syrup solids. This formula, which is based on breastmilk and comes near to it, is a perfect choice if you want to switch to organic products without sacrificing any of the key components.

Organic And Gluten-Free

This recipe is organic and contains exclusively organic ingredients, as the name would imply. It is also free of gluten. Due to its lack of gluten, the formula is kinder to your baby’s stomach and less likely to cause an adverse reaction. Additionally non-GMO and manufactured with gentle, natural ingredients, the formula. Throughout it all, the crucial components that give the formula its breastmilk-like properties are not compromised.

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Free From Corn Syrup

This is a healthier alternative because it isn’t sweetened with corn syrup and is more like breastmilk in this way. The formula, which is solely lactose sweetened, is not as sweet as breastmilk but does not contain any sweets that may promote obesity.

Made From Organic Whey

The organic whey protein used in the mix provides the protein. This makes it really simple for your kid to digest and increases the number of prebiotics in it as well. These prebiotics are essential for having a strong immune system and a healthy gut.


This formula contains non-GMO ARA and DHA, just like breastmilk does. These important fatty acids, which are mostly contained in breastmilk, aid in the healthy development of the brain and eyes. Happy Baby contains ARA and DHA derived from non-GMO algae.

Gentle With the Essentials

While being easy on your baby’s digestive tract, Happy Baby Formula nevertheless has all the necessary nutrients and components for healthy growth. Your kid will receive all the nutrients they require, including folic acid, iron, vitamin C and D, zinc, calcium, and choline. Here you may find the most recent Happy Baby Organic Formula prices.

Gerber Good Start Soothe – As Calming as Breastmilk

The Good Start by Gerber Soothe was designed to be comforting and to stop sobbing too much. Breastmilk is highly calming for newborns who are breastfed, and Good Start’s formula comes close to this.

Soothing And Calming

The Good Beginning By eliminating excess gas and colic, soothing formula helps to relax and quiet your baby by preventing excessive crying. The mild formula helps to alleviate these signs and keeps your infant at ease before, during, and after feedings.

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Essential Probiotics and Prebiotics

The hydrolyzed whey protein in Gerber Good Start formula facilitates the processing of probiotics. Additionally, this helps to strengthen the immune system and encourage good digestive health. The probiotics and prebiotics in the Gerber formula closely resemble those in breastmilk and serve as a suitable replacement.

Mild Lactose Blend

Gerber Good Start employs a 30% lactose blend to be calming and kinder to a baby’s stomach. Compared to other lactose formulas, it is better suited to sensitive stomachs, which helps to relax and soothe newborns more. The formula’s HMO and DHA ingredients work to make it as similar to breastmilk as feasible while also making it as mild as breastfeeding. View the most recent Gerber Good Start infant formula prices here.

What About Synthetic Nutrients?

Some synthetic chemicals will be required in order to make the formula as comparable to breastfeeding as possible. While many of the vitamins and nutrients present in breastmilk are naturally occurring, some are more challenging to obtain.

In order to resemble breastfeeding, a formula should contain as few synthetic components as possible. However, some synthetic ingredients are acceptable and even necessary to ensure that the formula contains the majority of the minerals and vitamins that breastmilk does.

Lycopene, lutein, nucleotides, and taurine are some of the synthetic nutrients that are acceptable. These are essential for growth, development, and assistance and do contribute to making formula as similar to breastmilk as possible.

Which Baby Formula Is Closest to Breastmilk?

While there will never be a baby formula that can perfectly replace breast milk, there are some that come close and can help give your baby the critical nutrients and health advantages that they wouldn’t otherwise receive from breast milk.

While Similac Pro-Advance, Earth’s Best Organic Formula, Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula, and Gerber Good Start Formula are all excellent choices, Enfamil Enspire is regarded as the formula that comes closest to breastfeeding.

These will provide your kid with some amazing health benefits, and you can be confident that they are as near to breastmilk as possible, whether you use them exclusively for formula feeding or as a temporary replacement for breastfeeding.

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