The Secret Diary of an Eighteen-month-old

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Started shouting at full volume to make sure everybody woke up startled. Dozed for a bit. Resumed shouting. Can’t make out the exact conversation from Mummy and Daddy’s room but it seems to be a disagreement over who should get up. Why wouldn’t you want to get up? Who wants to lie in bed once you’re awake?! Adults are weird.


Got carried downstairs. Mummy always smiles at me, kisses me then tells me I stink. Every day. Yes I do have a ‘stinky bum bum.’ It’s hardly a surprise, is it? She then changed my nappy before I was allowed my breakfast which made me cross because I spied my big brother tucking into his cereal. I kicked Mummy when I had poo on my foot and it left a stain on her trousers. Surprisingly, she said that this was ‘just great.’ Phew.


Daddy left wearing his smart trousers and shirt. Where does he go every day? 


Tipped the toy basket over. Didn’t fancy anything in there. Mummy tried to simulate car racing on the floor with tiny cars but she does it all wrong. Got cross at Mummy’s toy car ineptitude.


Felt a bit bored, so I messed with the telly again by pressing all the buttons on the remote (major LOLs watching Mum trying to sort it out as she mutters that rhyme about the duck’s cake).


Went to the park. I’m confused about what I am supposed to do here, because Mummy always tells us that it ‘will be nice to run around!’ but then seems agitated when we run around. She is particularly agitated when I run to the edge of the climbing frame where they have the pole from Fireman Sam, and keeps trying to move me back to the bit where there are railings on all sides. How boring is that? Eventually, after lots of sighing I’m removed from the climbing frame altogether and, as she attempts to wrestle me into the pram, I assume the stiff-as-a-floorboard position to illustrate my unhappiness with the situation. Sitting imprisoned in the pram isn’t ‘running around’ is it? The protest did at least secure me some yoghurt raisins.

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Ate my lunch really nicely. This lulled Mummy into a false sense of security about my independent feeding capabilities (groundwork for teatime, see 17:00)


Mummy picked me up and cuddled me on the sofa with my brother to read a story. They said I could ‘join in’ but then the pair of them got cross with me when I wanted to hold it and turn all the pages myself. Once again, I have no idea where I stand. Nobody understands me. I just want to turn all the pages.


Started feeling a bit tired so cracked out the ‘I’m tired’ signals (pulled my ears, rubbed my eyes, did the glazed-over stare and the sucky-mouth thing like when I’m chewing Mummy Pig’s foot). Became un-tired when Mummy put me in the cot. Did the sad moany noises so she felt guilty while she sorted out the washing. Turned up the volume to shouting after I heard her tell my brother that I would ‘settle down in a minute.’ We all went back downstairs again. Mummy doesn’t know why she bloody bothers.


Went over to see what Mummy was doing on her computer. Pressed some buttons. She turned it off.


Stuck a whole hand in my spaghetti hoops. Lobbed the spoon. Cried because the spoon was on the floor and my hand was covered in hoops. When Daddy got home, Mummy was scrubbing spaghetti hoops off the skirting board. She told Daddy I had ‘been like this all day.’ Well that’s not fair, is it? She forgot to tell him about all the fun we’d had on the climbing frame and reading a book, for a start.


Received my daily telepathic notification from the Toddlers’ Union that the Witching Hour had started. Treated everyone to a constant snotty whingey tone until Daddy said he ‘couldn’t bear it’ and put me in my PJs.


Made sure I fell asleep in my best angelic pose – one hand up by my cheek and a slight smile seems to be a winner. Pretty sure I heard them both whisper, ‘Love you sweet pea’ so it definitely did the trick. Will commence the shit storm at dawn.

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