Busy Mom Struggling To Lose Weight Found An Adorable Solution To Her Problem.
When you become a parent, your whole world becomes about your baby. Ensuring they are fed, cleaned, happy, and loved is all in a day’s work. It is all too common for women to lose themselves and forget to take care of their health. Feelings of guilt like not... Read more
After Losing 186 Pounds, This Woman Now Deals With an ‘Apron’ of Excess Skin
This is twenty-four-year-old Kayla Butcher from Canada, and along with some funky fun hair, she has quite a story to tell. Hi to my 7000 new followers in the last week!!! Crazy! My name is Kayla and I share all about my life and highlight my weight loss journey... Read more
Below are the Top 10 Fruits for Faster Weight Loss: 1. Apple If you are on a weight loss diet, an apple is needed in your diet  plan. Just one medium-sized apple contains around 50 calories and does not have any sodium and fat. Study has proven that Brazilian women... Read more
10 Foods to Avoid for the Flat Belly You’ve Always Dreamed of
We all want to have a flat stomach, but do you know that abdominal fat is the most difficult to deal with? You work out, you try to adopt healthy diet habits, but you don’t see visible results in the mirror. Stubborn belly fat is still there, and it seems that it doesn’t plan to go anywhere. If this sounds familiar to you, we at Bright... Read more
The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss
Although many people seem to think that weight loss and fat loss are one and the same thing, there is a world of difference between these two. When you start dieting and exercising, you don’t automatically lose fat. Sometimes you end up losing muscles, which is something you want... Read more
Meet Woman Who Lost 33kgs In 1 Year And Inspiring Many To Live Healthy.
You must have seen people complaining about their weight and bad shaped body but never seen them working on it.  Everything is possible and achievable and determination is the first step towards the goal. Many people choose to live unhealthy life but there are some who take the challenge... Read more
Overweight is increased body weight above a provided pattern. To examine if an individual is obese, experts utilize a formula called BMI, which determines the body fat level in relation to weight, height and height. Each and every single person knows how tough is to slim down and about... Read more
The Reason Why You Can’t Seem To Lose Belly Fat No Matter How Much You Diet Or Exercise
DIET MISTAKES CAUSING YOUR WEIGHT-LOSS PLATEAU Even though I have been writing about how to lose weight for a decade, when the pounds clung on me like a codependend boyfriend, I couldn’t lose weight so easily as I thought I would. Unfortunately, many women worldwide have this issue. Pamela... Read more
She Lost 50 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks Only By Doing This Every Night Before Going To Bed
Have you found out about the Flat Belly Overnight eating diet? It is turning out to be exceptionally well known among ladies who don’t have much time for a strict eating routine and compelling activity. Presently, it appears we at last have a formula for weight lost, truly overnight,... Read more
How To Reduce Your Appetite Naturally So You Can Start Losing Weight
If you feel like your appetite has a mind of its own, you’re not alone. Taking a look at your habits and revamping your daily rituals can renew your relationship with food and tame your hunger pangs. And of course, the best way to go about this is naturally.... Read more

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