Baby Kennedy


Baby Kennedy is a joyful 5 month old who spends her days going on walks, eating her fingers, laughing, pulling on her big sister’s hair and of course sleeping !!  Early one Tuesday morning  I woke up not feeling I like myself but I was determined to go to work. As I was getting ready for work the contractions began stopping me in my tracks. I told my husband how I was feeling but still insisted on going to work, but as the contractions continued I took my husband’s advice and stayed home. I then called my on call doctor and was told to come in for a stress test and to have my cervix checked.  I drove myself into the doctor’s office all while contracting. As I arrived to the doctor’s office waiting in the waiting room felt like forever. As I layed on the table I was told that I was only 2 centimeter dilated  and go back home. I went back home and took a shower while lying in bed the contractions got worse. I then called my husband and told him i needed to go to the hospital.  My mom took me to the hospital and on the way there all I could think of was drugs anything to make the pain go away. Once I arrive at the hospital the admitting process felt like eternity. Once I received my epidural baby Kennedy arrived May 17th 2016 at 8:24 pm. She has these amazing grey eyes that often change colors from blue to green. She has completed our family and is a show stopper everywhere we go.

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