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Stranger writes note on Dad’s bill at restaurant, not knowing one of his triplets had died

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As a family of four gathered in a restaurant celebrating Father’s Day, a complete stranger wanted to do something special for them.

They appeared like any other happy family to everyone who saw them celebrating at a Red Lobster in Arizona; mom, dad, and lovely one-year-old twin girls.

However, the family has been going through unfathomable agony behind closed doors.

On Father’s Day in 2016, Daniel and Maxi Cortez were enjoying the great day with their baby girls.

When they were finished and the waitress brought over the bill, they were surprised to see a scribbled message on it.

“Enjoy your babies,” someone had written on their receipt. They don’t hang around for very long. From the family on the other side of the room. God’s blessings on you.”

This wonderful family couldn’t believe it when they learned that strangers had paid for their supper.

Daniel and Maxi, a military couple, were expecting triplets in 2015, but one of their infants died unexpectedly.

The following year, they were glad to celebrate Daniel, but it wasn’t easy. They were moved to tears by the unexpected and anonymous gesture, and Maxi expressed how much it meant to them.

“To you, we seemed like just a family of four honoring the most important guy in our lives,” she wrote on her Facebook page. Little did you know, we celebrated as a family of five last year.”

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Landon, their third child, suffered ill shortly after being born and was admitted to the hospital. He died at the age of seven weeks due to bacterial meningitis.

“From the moment he was born, he never closed his eyes,” Daniel explained. He simply desired to be awake all of the time. It’s as though he was aware that he only had a limited amount of time.”

Maxi hoped the strangers who had paid for their supper would read her note and realize how much it meant to them.

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These kind folks probably had no idea how much their kindness meant to this family. Always be kind because you never know what people are going through. Please spread the word.

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