8 Things The Baby’s Kick Can Tell You

Have you ever wondered if your baby may be trying to tell you something by kicking? well wonder no more because here are 8 things your baby might be trying to expresses with those awesome little legs. 8 How Healthy Baby Is The healthier a baby is, the more he/she will…

14 Cancer Symptoms That Can Be Mistaken For Pregnancy Symptoms.

We know that in life things are not always what they seem and unfortunately the same applies to pregnancy symptoms. So here are fourteen cancer symptoms that can be mistaken for pregnancy. 14 +Ive Pregnancy Test There is probably nothing more perplexing than the dual meaning of a positive pregnancy test….

Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps

From stretch marks to pigmentation, we talk you through the skin changes that can happen during pregnancy.What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are thin reddish or purple marks that appear on your skin when your body shape suddenly changes. They often appear in patches, and can form a ripple pattern…

Kim Kardashian Pregnant via Surrogate … With TWINS?!
We all at this point know that Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate? According to thehollywoodgossip , that’s reportedly working out extremely well, as she’s apparently already pregnant. … With twins. A source and long time family friend of the Kardashians reports that Kim and Kanye’s surrogate is already pregnant with twins.... Read more
Photos: Serena Williams poses nude on the cover of Vanity Fair in her first pregnancy shoot, reveals how she met her fiance
Serena Williams bared her growing baby bump in her first ever pregnancy shoot. The 35-year-old tennis pro covers the August issue of Vanity Fair, wearing nothing but a skin-toned thong and belly chain for photographer Annie Leibovitz, and opens up about how she met her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis... Read more
Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez ‘five months pregnant with baby girl’
BABY rumours sparked by Georgina Rodriguez’s tummy bump took a leap forward last night after it was claimed she was nearly five months pregnant with a girl. It emerged earlier this month Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend may be planning a ‘super baby’ after reportedly visiting a clinic which... Read more
Woman With Bright Red Skin Gets Pregnant And Decides To Give Birth. What Happens After She Goes Into Labor Shocks All The Doctors!
Harlequin ichthyosis also known as “Harlequin baby” is a severe genetic skin disease, which causes the dermis to be around 10 times thicker than normal and grows at a fast rate. Babies with Harlequin ichthyosis are often born prematurely or stillborn and are usually very small. However, children who... Read more
After Baby Arrives Mom Goes Into Labor Again. Then Doctors Begin Pulling Out More
Angie and her husband, Gino, had two young boys at home when they decided to try to get pregnant again. The couple really wanted to have a baby girl this time. You know they say to be careful what you wish for – right?! Angie and Gino were not... Read more
Firefighter put to the test by having to deliver own baby at home
FIREFIGHTER Bradley Raath is trained to be cool in a crisis. It was put to the test with the sudden birth of his baby at home. Bradley, 34, had the lives of wife Stacey and their unborn child in his hands and “swung into work mode”. “My wife woke... Read more
Devastated mum couldn’t see her newborn baby after pregnancy made her go blind
Like every mother-to-be, Leah Fisher was looking forward to the moment she would get to gaze at her newborn baby .   But that moment did not come until three months after son Archie was born – because a hormone imbalance ­combined with her diabetes made her go blind... Read more
Being 5 Months Pregnant Didn’t Stop This Runner From Competing In The US Track Championships
For the second time, Olympian Alysia Montaño brought her pregnant belly with her to the U.S.A. Track & Field Outdoor Championships. Only this time, she’s baring it all. On Thursday, she participated in the USATF Outdoor Championships while being five months pregnant with a due date of November. In 2014, Montaño was eight months... Read more
Video: Tiger snuggles up to pregnant woman in zoo
A woman has shared a video of the sweet moment a tiger bonded with her pregnant cousin as she sat in front of it in the zoo. Brittany Osborne, from Indiana in the US, was at an event held at the zoo with cousin Natasha when she sat down... Read more
How this ‘Count the Kicks’ app saved the life of our newborn
A simple phone have is to thank for the recent events involving a child’s life in Iowa DES MOINES — The Count the Kicks app on this Iowa mom’s phone is no game — it’s a lifesaver. Without it, Emily Eekhoff probably would have buried her baby girl three weeks ago instead... Read more

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