8 Things The Baby’s Kick Can Tell You

Have you ever wondered if your baby may be trying to tell you something by kicking? well wonder no more because here are 8 things your baby might be trying to expresses with those awesome little legs. 8 How Healthy Baby Is The healthier a baby is, the more he/she will…

14 Cancer Symptoms That Can Be Mistaken For Pregnancy Symptoms.

We know that in life things are not always what they seem and unfortunately the same applies to pregnancy symptoms. So here are fourteen cancer symptoms that can be mistaken for pregnancy. 14 +Ive Pregnancy Test There is probably nothing more perplexing than the dual meaning of a positive pregnancy test….

Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps

From stretch marks to pigmentation, we talk you through the skin changes that can happen during pregnancy.What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are thin reddish or purple marks that appear on your skin when your body shape suddenly changes. They often appear in patches, and can form a ripple pattern…

10 Things to Know About Newborns
1. Baby may be, well, a little funny-looking. His head may be smooshed from his journey through the birth canal, and he might be sporting a “bodysuit” of fine hair called lanugo. He could also be puffy-faced and have eyes that are often shut (and a little gooey). After... Read more
Woman gives birth at Kenya polling station, names her baby girl ‘Ballot’
Yesterday, Paulina Chemanang a Kenyan woman gave birth to a baby girl while waiting to cast her vote in Kenya’s election. She was helped to deliver the baby by other voters at Konyao Secondary School in West Pokot, before being rushed to a nearby dispensary. Surprisingly, she returned to vote and... Read more
10-Year-Old Rape Victim Doesn’t Know She’s Pregnant
On July 28, the family of a 10-year-old Indian girl who fell pregnant after allegedly being raped received another devastating piece of news. India’s Supreme Court rejected a petition to allow the young girl to have an abortion, the BBC reports. A panel of doctors had declared that terminating... Read more
Why are so many moms and babies dying in Texas?
The Texas Legislature has returned to Austin for its special session, and now their results are a matter of life and death. While legislators are working on keeping state agencies in operation, continuing the discussion about the controversial “bathroom bill” and examining everything from local tree ordinances to public... Read more
Mum expecting a baby ‘with a big head’ is shocked when she gives birth to twins conjoined at the skull
Taslima Khatun Uno, 29, and her husband Mohammad Rafiqur Islam, 28, were shocked when they became parents to two little girls. Caters 4 Twin girls Rabia and Rukia were born with the tops of their heads fused together The couple are now facing an anxious wait to see if... Read more
Serena Williams shows off her baby bump on the cover of Stellar Magazine
Tennis star Serena Williams looked stunning on the cover of Stellar Magazine. The print only magazine released its latest issue over the weekend. The pregnant star wore a gray Berlei bra on the cover and a pink satin trench from Michael Lo Sordo, both of which showcased her gorgeous... Read more
Adorable Photos: Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Lala Anthony, Venus Williams Other Celebrities Storm Serena Williams’ 50s Themed Baby Shower
Serena Williams is prepping for the arrival of her little one. On Saturday, Williams, 35, hosted a ’50s themed baby shower from the aptly named “Baby O Diner” with all of her famous gal-pals. “When you and your crew go so far back to the 50’s. Even then they... Read more
Ladies!! This is how you get back into shape after having a baby
Getting into shape is never an easy feat, but it’s even more tricky when you’ve just had a baby. Melinda Nicci, founder of the website and app baby2body.com, shares her tips. Just to note, always make sure to wait until you get the all-clear from your doctor before exercising.... Read more
Pregnant women have worries too. Pray for them
I visited a friend at the hospital today, I sat down beside some pregnant women who were taking turns to go for scan. while I was waiting for my friend who was a Doctor in that hospital, I saw some nurses pushing one pregnant woman into the operation room... Read more
Woman finds out ‘kidney infection’ is actually a BABY – and gives birth on nan’s sofa 24 hours later
A new mum was left shocked after she gave birth on her grandmother’s sofa just 24 hours after she found out that her “kidney infection” was a baby. Katie O’Brien, 25, had no idea she was pregnant and lost a stone-and-half in the months leading up to the delivery.... Read more

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