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A Mum gave Birth to A 12lb Baby And He Went Straight To Three Months Cloth

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A MUM has revealed that her baby weighed 12lb 2oz when he was born, indicating that she was unable to give birth naturally and that he had to be placed in three-month clothes right away.

When doctors realized how big her first baby was, they scheduled Leia Sands, 21, of Taunton, Somerset, for a C-section at Musgrove Park Hospital.

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Bobby Sands, Leia Sands’ son, weighed 12lb 2oz when he was born, according to BORN Credit: Supplied

Despite his mother being a petite 5ft 2ins and a healthy size 10, and his father 5ft 10ins, Bobby was born at 41 weeks, one of the largest the hospital had seen in years.

Bobby was twice the size of many babies in the United Kingdom, where the average baby weighs 7lb 8oz.

“I had a growth scan at nearly 41 weeks and doctors booked me in for a C-section two days later,” Leia, a support worker, tells Fabulous.

“My counselor walked me through the benefits and drawbacks. ‘What do you think I should do?’ I asked her. Since I’m not very tall, she said, “I really think the safest choice would be a C-section.”

“The baby never came down into my pelvis, which means he would not have been able to come out that way even if I had been induced. I couldn’t give birth to him naturally because he was too tall.

“My midwife was fantastic, but she kept saying ‘don’t worry, your body won’t develop a baby it can’t deliver,’ which I found amusing.”

Bobby weighed 12 pounds and 2 ounces. I couldn’t give birth to him naturally because he was too tall.

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Bobby is Leia’s first child with partner Calvin Hartland. credit: supplied

Leia Sands is a 21-year-old actress.
For the past two years, Leia has been with Bobby’s father, Calvin Hartland, a barber. They met on Facebook after they began talking, but they had known each other for years through mutual friends.

Bobby was born on September 10th of last year, so Covid had an effect on his mother’s experience.

“I was very disappointed at first because I had hoped for a normal birth, but the C-section went so smoothly,” she says of the birth.

“I lost a lot of blood, which I guess is common for bigger infants, but it was incredible. My partner was there, which was good because he wouldn’t have been able to be there if I hadn’t had an induction. It was a very relaxed atmosphere.

“When Bobby first appeared, everyone exclaimed, ‘Wow, that’s a big boy.’ He was, however, and continues to be, in great health.

“He felt tall, and when I was keeping him on my chest, he was so heavy that I couldn’t keep him there for long. I had a number of midwives come in to examine him. ‘Let’s see the big boy,’ they said.

“I’m not sure he’s the biggest baby they’ve ever seen at that hospital, but I believe he was the biggest in a long time and the biggest baby my midwife had ever seen.”

Bobby wore three-month-old clothes right away, and by one month, he was wearing six-month-old outfits.

“When I got the scan, I went to Asda and got a multipack of clothes just in case,” Leia says. Bobby’s infant outfits were all thought out, but he went straight into three-month-old clothing.

“He’s only seven months old and wears a 9-12 month diaper, but he’s still big but has slipped down the percentiles. He’s now in the 90th percentile, while he was in the 99.6th percentile when he was born.

“He’s a big boy, but he’s breastfed exclusively, which I’m very proud of.”

When I got the results of the scan, I went to Asda to get a multipack of clothes just in case. Bobby’s infant outfits were all thought out, but he went straight into three-month-old clothing.

Leia Sands is a 21-year-old actress.
“No one believed me that he was that big; they all said ‘you’re joking?’” Leia admitted after telling her friends and family about his height.

“When I had my ultrasound, the doctors estimated Bobby’s weight to be 11lb 5oz, but there’s still a margin of error, so my family figured he’d be smaller – when he was actually larger.

“I had a group talk with some other pregnant girls at the same time, and they couldn’t believe it either.

“When I encounter strangers in stores, such as the supermarket cashier, they’ll ask, ‘Wow, how old is he?’ When I tell them, they always respond with, “No, he’s tall, isn’t he?”

“I’m really not over it. You’re not supposed to lift something heavy after a C-section, and I recall being in excruciating pain just carrying him because he’s such a big kid. As a result, I had a lot of trouble afterwards.”

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Leia was asked whether she was expecting twins on a regular basis. Credit: Supplied

Because of her exceptionally large bump and the fact that her father is 6ft 2ins, Leia assumed Bobby will be a big boy.

Leia’s midwife recommended her for growth tests, and she had her first at 38 weeks, when Bobby was already 9 pounds, so doctors thought all was on track.

“I developed very fast, I had a bump by the time I was 12 weeks, and people kept asking if I was having twins the whole time,” Leia says.

“Throughout my pregnancy, my midwife said Bobby was well above the average percentiles on the scale.

“In normal circumstances, he would have been given a growth scan, but large babies aren’t a priority for Covid right now.

“If I had another kid, I would insist on further supervision. I was anemic as well, which I believe was due to his size. Iron tablets were offered to me, but my iron levels remained low.

“If I had another kid, I would probably have a C-section; I wouldn’t chance it.”

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