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Boy stops police officer on his way to school and asks her to pray with him

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A police officer was inspired to share the nice deed of a young child on his way to school in the hopes of finding him and thanking him.

Officer Jan Dykes of the Louisville Metro Police Department was on patrol when a young boy approached her and asked her a question.

“He stopped me and said, ‘Hey, would you mind if I prayed with you for your day and my day going to school before you leave?'” Dykes remarked.

On his way to school, the child stopped the police near his bus stop and made the unique request.

According to ABC local news station WTVM, she said, “It was fantastic.”

“He responded, ‘I want to pray for the protection of this cop.’ I made a new acquaintance. I sincerely hope she has a wonderful day and that by going to school and meeting new people, she improves the lives of many people.’ It was fantastic to realize this kid was so enthusiastic.”

Dykes was taken aback by the child’s generosity and open heart. She even returned to the bus stop at the end of the school day to look for him but was unsuccessful.

‘It brought me a lot of delight.’
She wants the boy to know how much his gesture meant to her, even though she doesn’t know his name or where he lives.

“For him to want to do that for me brought me a lot of joy,” Dykes added.

“It’s wonderful to know he wants to do that for me since a lot of people think, ‘How can you go and help them?’ It made me thrilled to watch someone so young and malleable be so upbeat and aspire to be that light.”

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So that Officer Dykes can tell the young child how awesome he is, I hope these two can reunite.

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