Couples detained after horrific video shows them giving newborn a vodka shot.

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A UK couple has been arrested for child abuse after a video surfaced that appeared to show them giving vodka to a baby.

“Actions were taken to safeguard those involved, and a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of child cruelty later the same day,” police officers told SWNS of the booze-soaked stunt, which occurred in June in Dover, in the county of Kent.

In a clip that went viral on Facebook, a woman believed to be the child’s mother can be seen pouring what looks like a bottle of vodka into a cap while a sitting tot looks on. She then shockingly gives it to the baby and tilts the tyke’s head back so it goes down, a la cough syrup. All the while, a shirtless man, thought to be the boy’s father, can be seen standing nearby, apparently oblivious to his baby’s boozing session.

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A woman, believed to be the boy’s mother, is seen administering vodka to the infant like one would medicine.
via SWNS

Thankfully, the sordid stunt didn’t go unnoticed by others. Police confirmed that they went to the property following reports of a disturbance, whereupon they learned of the appalling incident.

“Upon attending, officers were made aware of concerns for a child at an address in the area,” said a spokesperson for the force, adding that the parents have been arrested for child abuse.

Unfortunately, the bozos have since been let out on bail, and the child is back in their possession, SWNS reported.

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“Actions were taken to safeguard those involved a,nd a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of child cruelty later the same day,” said a police spokesperson.

“It’s very sad. I posted about it on Facebook but it kept getting removed,” lamented one source, who opted to go anonymous. “I have contacted social services who said the baby is safe, but they are still with their parents.”

Thankfully, a Kent County Council spokesperson claims that child services has been alerted to the situation: “I can confirm social services are aware of this and have taken appropriate action,” they said.

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Unfortunately, the bozos have since been let out on bail and the child is back in their possession — although social services has been alerted to the situation.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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