Rihanna: How She Feels About Bringing Her Baby Out In Public Almost 2 Months After Giving Birth

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Rihanna, 34, is not ready to show the public her brand new baby son just yet. The singer, who gave birth to her first child, whom she shares with A$AP Rocky, 33, on May 13, is “extremely protective” of the newborn and has “only let a few select” people meet him so far. “Rihanna is not quite ready to debut her baby to the world just yet,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He’s still very young and she’s still managing the transition to motherhood.”

“Rihanna is extremely protective of her baby, and she’s only let a select group of close friends and family meet him,” the source continued. “With a few exceptions, Rihanna hasn’t been the type to share much of her personal life on social media. She is learning and taking each day as it comes but is devoted to being the best mom she can be. This is the most important time of her life and she’s taking it very seriously.”

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Rihanna gave birth to her son in May. (Khrome /

The insider also explained that Rihanna has already become a very hands on mom and isn’t relying on others to take care of the precious bundle of joy. “Although Rihanna has plenty of help around her at all times, she’s definitely not relying on nannies to help raise her son,” the insider shared. “She and Rocky have always been the ones to wake up with him in the middle of the night, change diapers, feeding, etc. The people she does have around her help manage her schedule, but Rihanna is a total hands-on mom.”

When Rihanna is not focused solely on raising her new baby, she’s hard at work in her Fenty Beauty company. The successful businesswoman recently appeared in an ad for a limited edition summer lip gloss from the brand. She wore her hair in a series of cute space buns and braids while she applied a gloss cream bomb in the color “Peach Pout” to her lips, in the video ad. She also struck a series of poses while smiling as music played in the background.

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Rihanna showing off her baby bump at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

New motherhood and a booming business aren’t the only things Rihanna’s enjoying these days. The talented star is also taking in the joys of a closer than ever romance with Rocky. She and proud father have gotten even closer since the arrival of their new addition, a previous source shared with us. “Rihanna has seen whole different side of Rocky that she’s never known. She’s fallen even more in love with him since they welcomed their son into this world and she cherishes every moment of seeing Rocky and their son bonding,” the insider EXCLUSIVELY said.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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