Teen Mum After Falling Pregnant At 14 – Was Back At School Six Weeks Post Birth And Took Baby To Prom

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A SCHOOLGIRL who fell pregnant at 14 has proven her critics wrong as she returned to school, sat her GCSEs – and celebrated by taking her infant son to her school prom.

Ashleigh Hazelton, 16, based in Ipswich, Suffolk shocked the students, parents and teachers alike of Westbourne Academy, Ipswich when she arrived holding her prom date, baby Lorenzo, who has just turned one.

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Ashleigh proudly took her baby son as her date to her school promCredit: Caters

Her proud mum, Haley Tricker, 38, filmed the moment Ashleigh and Lorenzo pulled up at the school prom in a limo and her classmates went wild – which has since gone viral.

Ashleigh said: “I got out of the car and everyone came running up to me, chanting my name and crowding around us. I felt so loved and supported, but Lorenzo and I come together now so it felt right.

“On the way to the venue I was so nervous! None of my class mates knew what I had planned. Although, Lorenzo wasn’t nervous he actually had a ten minute power nap.

“Everyone was very shocked and surprised, I remember hearing loads of friends saying I was melting their hearts which was really cute.

“Although people said it was brave, it wasn’t a massive deal to me I just did it! I really enjoyed the entire evening and it was such a special moment for me.”

After a day of so many different emotions, mum and nan Haley was beside herself recording her daughters entrance to prom.

Haley said: “I cannot even explain quite how proud I am of her. Yes, she had a baby at 15 but she also went back and sat her GCSE’S 6 weeks after giving birth.

“She has already received some results and passed with flying colours which is amazing. She kept up her studies and then came home taking to motherhood so well too.

“In terms of getting ready it all went pretty smooth sailing but God it was an emotional day. Me and a friend were in tears behind the camera as soon as she arrived.

“She got a great reaction from everyone and it was so nice to see her friends supporting her. The teachers were also amazing too and of course Lorenzo got a lot of attention.

“My mum lives in New Zealand which is why we recorded this video. Obviously, I’ve had some negative comments on TikTok but I’ve just deleted them, we’ve had 98% really nice, really genuine comments which has made us all so happy!”

Ashleigh has since left school and is now looking to study public services at college with the hopes of becoming a firefighter.

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Ashleigh and her family had an emotional dayCredit: Caters
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The teen mum said the reaction from her school friends had been overwhelming Credit: Caters
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The mum-of-one is now looking forward to building a future for her and her son Credit: Caters

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Written by Henry Okafor


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