10 Pictures Of Preemie Babies Smiling Because They’re Happy To Have Made It

A soon-to-be mom eagerly waits for the moment when she will get to hold her baby for the first time. In any mommy’s mind, her baby’s well-being is of the utmost importance. So, if a baby is born premature, it worries the mother to no extent. Especially since they appear to be thinner and weaker as compared to those babies who have completed their nine months in the mother’s womb. The doctors also get to work to ensure the preemies receive the best of care. This includes supplying oxygen along with a feeding tube to provide them with proper nutrition.

Every second might seem like a battle to both the mom as well as her little one. This comes as no surprise given the fact that the precious one is fighting every second to just stay alive. But, you know how a baby’s smile is just the most contagious thing ever. It is no different with the premature babies too. Their one smile is enough to light up the entire nation. And, of course, the parents also feel a sense of relief as they look at the tiny angel’s smile.

Here, we bring you a compilation of pictures of some of the sweetest little premature babies smiling. Trust us, these pics will just make your day:

1. Meet The Precious Kennedy

Source: Facebook

This baby girl could not wait at all to arrive in our world. And, here she was, in only 31 weeks. Weighing less than two kilograms, this bundle of joy could not stop smiling.

2. The Smile Says A Lot

Source: Facebook

This tiny angel barely weighs one kilogram. But, this definitely doesn’t come in the way of her flashing that beautiful, wide smile. Isn’t she the happiest little lady?

3. That Smile Proving Everyone Wrong

Source: Facebook

This little girl’s mother was told that the munchkin might never be able to smile after suffering from a stroke. But, this adorable smile right here says otherwise, big time!

4. Oh, What Joy!

Source: Facebook

Born at just 34 weeks, this adorable boy weighed only a little over two kilograms. After his two-week stay at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), he returned home and continued to grow. But, nothing can beat this smile, right?

5. The Best Before And After Pic!

Source: Facebook

On the left-hand side is the pic of this little princess when she was only 2 days old and weighed less than two kilograms. The pic on the right-hand side is at 16 weeks of age. Oh, that smile speaks volumes!

6. Look At How Grownup She Is Now

Source: Facebook

Born at only 25 weeks of pregnancy, she weighed less than a kilogram at the time. The following six months were also a struggle with the tiny angel escaping near-death situations several times. All grown up now, look at her precious smile!

7. Laughing Out Loud!

Source: Facebook

This little one weighed less than two kilograms at the time of birth. This picture taken when she was only 5 days old proves how happy she is to be alive!

8. Can’t Get Over This Lovely Smile!

Source: Facebook

She weighed less than two kilograms at the time of her birth. Look at this picture now. It was clicked on this little princess’ seventh birthday. She is healthier than ever and is doing just fantastic!

9. All I Need Is My Daddy

Source: Facebook

Weighing only 1.8 kilograms at the time of his birth, look at the munchkin smile at his daddy. Don’t our parents always bring out the best in us?

10. Don’t Ever Give Up!

Source: Facebook

This baby was born seven weeks premature. But, the pic speaks volumes about his “never give up” attitude. Doesn’t it?

Childbirth in itself is the most beautiful thing ever. But, such stories do reinstate one’s faith in miracles. Yes, miracles do exist. Cheers!

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Written by Henry Okafor


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