Evil dad ‘beats two young daughters to death with a stick and dumps bodies in cesspit’

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The man has confessed to killing two of his four children with a stick, revealing to cops how he buried one girl in a grave and tossed the other one in a cesspool behind his house

An evil dad has been accused of beating his two young daughters to death with a stick, before burying one in a shallow grave and tossing the other into a cesspit.

Police in Irbid, a governorate in Jordan, raided the unnamed man’s flat after his ex-wife told cops she feared for their four children’s lives.

The woman, then proceeded to tell cops that her ex-husband, 49, was mentally ill and would constantly beat their children to a pulp.

When police arrived at the scene, they only found two of the four children inside, Public Security Department spokesman Lt Colonel Amer Sartawi said.

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The twisted father admitted that the beatings had occurred on separate dates ( Image: Newsflash)

The youngsters who managed to escape their dad’s terrifying abuse – a boy aged 10, and a girl aged eight – told officers that their dad had “killed their two sisters” with a stick and buried them nearby.

The twisted dad, whose identity has not been revealed, then confessed to having beaten his two other children days earlier – two girls aged nine and 12.

Having admitted to the girl’s deaths, he opened up saying the beatings occurred on separate dates.

He also admitted to having buried the first girl in a shallow grave near his house, and having dumped the second in a cesspool in the backyard of his home.

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The father had two other children, who managed to escape, but were sent to hospital for analysis ( Image: Newsflash)

Authorities have now recovered the two bodies, and have sent them to be autopsied.

The other two traumatised siblings were taken to hospital to undergo physical and psychological examinations, while their sick father was arrested.

Yesterday, The Criminal Court prosecutor charged him with two counts of premeditated murder.

An anonymous judicial source told local media: “The suspect claimed in his initial confession that he was suffering from financial problems and mental issues.”

But the same source added that “there is no evidence to indicate that the suspect was suffering from any mental issues”.

The suspect remains in preventive custody while the investigation continues.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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