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Mum calls her new baby “ugly” on Instagram live video

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In the video she compares her tiny son to “Alien vs. Predator”

It’s a commonly held belief that every parent believes their child is the most beautiful creature on the planet.

Which makes one mother’s remarks about her newborn all the more perplexing, despite her assurances that she is kidding.

After filming herself burping her son as his twin sister slept, Quaylaa Ann, from California, incurred the wrath of other parents.

She describes how the heat inspired her to take her three children to a nearby water park.

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The conversation then took a surprising turn as she began to discuss how “ugly” her son is.

“My worst fear was having an ugly kid, and look what the f**k I got,” she said.

“I just knew it was going to be a fifty-fifty risk that one of these kids would turn out ugly… because of him,” she says, referring to her children’s father.

“One minute he appears to be all handsome, the next he appears to be Alien vs. Predator.”

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She then seems to have a change of heart halfway through the video, and instead of saying her son is “ugly,” she says he’s “funny looking.”

She apologized, saying, “I’m sorry your Daddy marked you, you look like him.”

“However, it’s fine.”

Quaylaa’s comments may have gone unnoticed for a long time, but Tia Becca, the star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, shared the video with her 427K Instagram followers overnight, adding, “I think he is adorable.”

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The feedback was mostly negative.

“People would do anything for likes and laughs, but that s**t isn’t funny,” one user said.

“People like her do not replicate,” said another.

“OMG it was a f*****g joke she loves her twins and her kids, she was obviously playing,” one person wrote. “OMG it was a f*****g joke she loves her twins and her kids, she was clearly playing.”

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The mother of three later admitted to her fans that she had been joking around, saying:

“My heart is pure, and I adore my children. There isn’t such a thing as bad press.”

In any case, her young son let everyone know what he thought of it with a perfectly timed vomit over his mother.

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