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Twin baby boy’s final days captured on camera in beautiful photoshoot

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After physicians told the couple that one of their twins would be stillborn, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger became proud parents of twins, something they never expected to happen.

William and Reagan, the Ohio couple’s son and daughter, were born wide-eyed and perfect just days before Christmas 2016, yet the couple knew their beloved boy was dying even though he appeared to be in good health.

William had been diagnosed with cardiac defects while still in the pregnancy, and doctors had warned the parents that the worst was yet to come.

When a friend of the couple learned of their loss, she decided to help the new family capture their precious time together by doing something for them.

Lindsey Brown of Lindsey Brown Photography, a local photographer, was contacted and asked if she had any openings for a last-minute photoshoot. Lindsey was booked up due to the proximity of Christmas, but she made an exception in this occasion.

“I knew right away I had to do something for them,” Brown told HuffPost. “How could anyone with a heart say no to that?” says the narrator.

Mandy Edwards, a friend of the couple, organised the photograph as a Christmas present, and Lindsey met the family two days later, knowing that time was of the essence because no one knew how long William had left.

Lindsey remarked of the kids, “I couldn’t believe how perfect they both looked.”

“When I photographed them, they were both around five pounds. “William was quite alert, as though trying to take it all in,” she said, according to CNN. “Little Reagan slept and scarcely opened her eyes.”

“The entire time I was there, it was incredibly bittersweet,” she remarked. “They were flawless in their actions and appearance. You would have never guessed there was something wrong with Will.”

William died just a few days after their photo shoot. He was only 11 days old at the time.

The twins’ father, Matthew Brentlinger, told CNN affiliate WTVG that their time with William was “the happiest 11 days of [his] life,” and that the images will serve as a constant reminder of that time.

Lindsey believes the time she spent shooting the twins will always be meaningful to her.

“Knowing that they’ll be able to look back on [these images] for the rest of their lives, and that they’ll be able to show Reagan when she’s older, thrills my heart more than I can express.”

These images are lovely, and I’m glad their buddy had the foresight to set this up for them, and Lindsey was willing to help.

Please share these lovely moments with your relatives and friends.

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