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Connecticut parents of four-month-old baby, are shot dead on Father’s Day after a dispute over a dog

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Hartford Police responded to reports of shots being fired just after 9 p.m. on Sunday. 

Garrett and Dang were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition. 

At a press conference Monday, police chief Jason Thody said the shooting happened after a minor neighbor dispute over a dog quickly escalated. 

Police have identified a person of interest, who they believe sped off in a vehicle after shooting the victims. 

The vehicle was later found by police and is now being processed. An investigation has been launched to find the individual, whose name has not been released. 

It is unclear who owned the dog, but police said those involved in the shooting had not made previous reports or complaints about the pet.  

The third victim, who lived in the same residence with Garrett and Dang, is fighting for her life. 

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Just hours before the tragic shooting Sunday that left his child an orphan, Garrett posted a picture of him lovingly carrying his son with the caption ‘My first father’s day.’ 

Garrett and Dang were seemingly enjoying their life as new parents, often posting pictures of their child.

‘Never thought I would be a Father…but I’ll try and be the best dad I can be…taught me and teaching me so much! My lil Angel…literally,’ Garrett also wrote on Facebook on Father’s Day. 

Dang’s cousin, Olivia Anderson, told NBC that the young family of three had recently moved to Hartford, where they planned to raise their child, to be closer to Garrett’s family. 

‘She just had him in February and she was trying to do better for herself and for her family,’ Anderson told the outlet.  

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Julie Dang remembered her sister as a great mother, and said she regrets her nephew has lost both her parents over a senseless dispute. 

‘Christina was my baby sister. She was a beautiful soul full of life. She was a mother to a four-month-old Chosen and she lost her life over a senseless argument,’ Dang told NBC. 

‘It’s hard for a child to lose two parents on the same night and on Father’s Day, a day that should be loved and, you know.’ 

The baby is now in the custody of DCF, police said. 

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The shooting took place just after 9 p.m. on Sunday in the driveway of the apartment complex on 67 Franklin Avenue.  

Police have not disclosed the identity of the person of interest, but said they are actively looking for the individual.

A vehicle that was driven away from the scene by the individual has been recovered and is being processed for evidence. 

In a press conference Monday, police pleaded with the public to alert authorities when they witness arguments  so it is possible to de-escalate the situation before a tragedy.  

‘Very personal disputes, minor personal disputes, escalating with incredible speed into violence, and the presence of guns turns those disputes fatal,’ Chief Bronin said. 

‘I can’t say it enough, we have to find better ways to resolve our conflicts in non-violent ways. It is frustrating for the officers because these are difficult to predict and difficult to prevent.’ 

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Hartford Police Department. 

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