Parents who tortured their baby so badly that he lost both legs set to be freed from prison

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Two parents who tortured their baby so badly he lost both of his legs are set to be released from prison before their due date, it has been revealed.

Jody Simpson, 24, and Anthony Smith, 47, have only served half of the ten year sentence handed to them in 2018 due to the torture they inflicted on Tony, now seven, leading him to suffer from torn ligaments, broken fingers and contracted sepsis.

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He was at the point of death before doctors saved his life although his legs had to be amputated.

Tony has won the Pride of Britain award for raising money for the hospital which treated him when he was just a baby.

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A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: ‘The treatment of Tony at the hands of his parents defies comprehension and is exactly why we have changed the law so those who seriously hurt children face the tough sentences they deserve.

‘Any person who causes or allows the death of a child now faces up to life behind bars.’

Tony’s adoptive mother, Paula Hudgell, 54, has called for tougher punishments for child abusers. She campaigned for Tony’s law which imposes increased sentences for those found to have caused ‘serious harm’ to children aged 10 to 14.

The new law also says people found guilty of causing a child’s death face a minimum 14 year sentence in prison.

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Speaking to The Mirror, she said:

‘These monsters have spent just five years behind bars while Tony faces a lifetime of challenges as a result of their wickedness.

‘They don’t go before the parole board or have to show any remorse to walk free. It’s like a blow to the stomach and makes me feel sick knowing those who abuse babies and children are walking free in a few years.

‘These monsters could be living in your street and you wouldn’t have a clue.’

She added that Tony is angry his parents are going to be released from prison, and that he aspires to become a police officer when he is older so he can re-arrest them.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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