Top 5 Reasons Health Insurance Matters for Infants and Toddlers and Their Families

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The physical, cognitive, and emotional development of newborns and toddlers depends on quality healthcare. Affordable health insurance allows low-income families to afford critical treatments for young children and their parents that would otherwise be too expensive, like regular check-ups, prescription medications, medical procedures, and specialized care.

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Here are five explanations for why young children and their families should have access to affordable health insurance:

Health insurance for pregnant women and very young infants leads to healthier babies. Access to healt insurance results in much improved health outcomes throughout the first few months of life. Reduced infant mortality rates and a decline in low birth weight are two examples of this. Regular examinations and screenings can also assist families in locating and treating major health problems before they get worse.

Injuries and illnesses are treated and prevented with the help of health insurance. Children with insurance are healthier because they receive important preventative care that averts serious illnesses as well as treatment for illness and damage.

Infant and toddler health insurance for low-income families has long-term advantages. Children who have insurance had better long-term outcomes overall, including higher educational achievement. The completion of high school and college is widely encouraged because it leads to successful work and financial success.

Children flourish when their parents and other adults who care for them have access to healthcare. A warm, caring environment that fosters children’s growth can be created by child care providers when they are emotionally and physically in good health.

The financial security of families is aided by health insurance. Financial stress is reduced for parents who have access to health care, allowing them to concentrate on their parent-child connections.

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Written by Henry Okafor


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